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GreenTech Technology

Protect your valuable crop by investing in technology that eliminates potential contamination.

The GreenTech spray heads are powered by a simple 3 phase alternator driven from tractor PTO, not relying on hydraulic oil from the tractor. The fan in the GreenTech spray head is driven by an electrical motor. The fan is 530mm in diameter, with adjustable air output. A completely sealed power cable simply plugs in to the motor.


Comparison of electrical motor versa hydraulic motor driven fan in the spray head is manifest. Reliable rotational speed of electrical motors can be adjusted from low to very high speed, regulating air volume and air speed and ensuring very low power consumption.


Electrical motors have circuit breaker protections with advantages including a simple on/off switch and can be operated independently. In comparison, hydraulic motors high oil flow and high pressure have to pass over complicated pressure relief valves resulting in over-heating the oil.


Unlike a hydraulic system, the GreenTech electrical alternator system has a simple soft-start system built in. The electrical system does not require distribution block pressure relief valve, complicated anti-cavitation valves and check valve for safety, pressure and return line to tractor tank.


Electrical motors consume much less power than hydraulic motors. The GreenTech’s spray head does not need any cooling system (subject to corrosion). Electrical motors have inbuilt direct-shaft and bearings fully sealed and are a plug-in unit.


In today’s world many industries use electrical motors in submersible pumps, on ships and underground mines. The GreenTech’s spray head will never contaminate your crop with hydraulic oil.


The GreenTech spray head has 8 standard recessed nozzles per head (up to 16 can be fitted) all with ceramic spray tips. Spray coverage has never been better than with GreenTech technology. Efficiency gains have been outstanding in both spray application and improved efficiency. The GreenTech SARDI/CSIRO tested fans produce high-volume, turbulent, directional air for excellent coverage. 


GreenTech’s superior electrical driven fans offer the following features:


Adjustable rotational speed from low to very high to regulate air volume and speed with very low power consumption.


Circuit breakers with on/off switches that can be operated independently eliminating high pressure oil flow as with hydraulic motors


A simple, soft start built in system eliminating pressure relief valves, anti-cavitation valves and pressure and return lines hydraulic systems require


Significant reduction in power consumption than hydraulic motors.  Electrical motors have inbuilt direct-shaft and fully sealed bearings

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