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Small orchard sprayers



Full 2 Row Tree Spray System

Full 2 Row Tree Spray System

Choose between manual or hydraulic adjustment


The GreenTech 4000L to 6000L Full 2-Row was developed for use in Western Australian orchards. The spray coverage of this system is outstanding. It has achieved at least 35% to 60% reductions in chemical usage, halved tractor fuel consumption, soil compaction labour costs and outstanding foliage fertiliser application coverage and significant reduction of spray drift (off target spray).

Basic specifications:


  • 4000L, 6000L available

  • Customised 8000L tank available

  • Hot deep galvanised chassis for corrosion protection

  • Up to 12 spray heads optional, GreenTech spray head Electrical 530mm diameter, having
    adjustable air output

  • Optional hydraulic operated folding arms

  • Linkage drawbar for tight turning

  • Can be retro-fitted with additional spray heads

  • Outstanding crop cover and spray penetration excellent oscillation of the canopy and excellent coverage of the trees

  • Each spray head has 8 exchangeable nozzles, which give excellent coverage and outstanding spray performance

  • This machine has many optional features available such as a larger pump capacity 406L/min optional
    two pumps

  • a variety of computer spray rate controllers

  • several different wheel/tyre options


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