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Semi-Adjustable Systems

2000L Semi-Adjustable 2 Row System 

The GreenTech 2000L Semi-Adjustable Sprayer 2-Row is one of the best selling tow behind vineyard spray systems we produce. The standard sprayer with 6 heads is available in several different wheel types - either a 2-wheel single or
4-wheel tandem axle. The standard unit can be purchased with only 6 spray heads (the three per side).


Basic specifications:


  • 6 spray heads standard, GreenTech spray head Electrical 530mm diameter, having adjustable air output. Can be retro-fitted with additional spray heads

  • Optional 8 spray heads

  • Very low power consumption (about 25 horse power to operate 6 spray heads)

  • Linkage drawbar for tight turning for operation in hilly vineyard

  • Hydraulic operated folding arms

  • Available in either a 2-wheel single or 4-wheel tandem axle

  • Pump capacity 123L/min

  • Optional computer spray rate controllers

  • Different wheel tyre options

  • This machine has many optional features available such as independent hydraulic row spacing adjustment


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