Benz Baek wins
"The Chairman's Award" at WISA 2013


Media Release - 17 October 2013


Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc. (WISA) announced its 2013 The Chairman’s Award was presented to Benz Baek of GreenTech Australia for their long standing work in environment & sustainability, innovation and export. 


“GreenTech Australia has demonstrated over 15 years reputation for delivering innovation in spray technology across the viticulture sector resulting in export growth along with delivering positive environmental returns and profitability for growers.


Their commitment to local manufacturing was also a major factor in their success for this award.


They tick all the boxes setting the benchmark for other suppliers and are a worthy recipient.”

Matthew Moate - WISA Chairman

GreenTech Systems provide the best solution for controlling pests and diseases.

Testing by SARDI and CSIRO shows our aerodynamic five blade electrical fan technology provides effectively 100% coverage efficiency. 

GreenTech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spray technology solutions for the viticulture industry.

GreenTech's row crop sprayers are suitable for most types of row crops. We cater for all sizes of crop - from small to very wide or very tall.

GreenTech's orchard sprayers are suitable for most types of orchards. We cater for all sizes of trees - from small to very wide or very tall.

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