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Orchard spray systems



Tree Spray Systems for Orchards

Tree Spray Systems

GreenTech’s tree spray systems are available in a range of tank sizes, from 2000L through to 6000L. Currently there is an 8000L unit in the development.


The benefits of the tree spray system start with our SARDI and CSIRO tested fans technology. Our systems provide growers with higher quality spraying, reduced chemical and crop losses, the capability to spray at high speeds without jeopardising spray efficacy, reduced input costs, and the ability to spray even in windy conditions.


For many years GreenTech has been in close collaboration with many grower in Australia and the USA. The University of Florida USA has been conducting coverage test with the GreenTech Spray System for tall trees. The results show that GreenTech machines are one of the best designed and commercially available products in its range.


All sizes of our tree spray systems have been used successfully  for many years in all types of tree crops.


GreenTech has achieve over 25% lower water/chemical volumes overall, increased ground speed and work rates, and show between 38-59% reductions of water/chemical volumes in insecticide & insecticide plus oil trials when compared with other spray systems.

GreenTech machines require less tractor PTO power to produce higher air volumes - GreenTech sprayers are more efficient to run, providing savings on diesel, money and labour.


In addition, each spray system has a large range of optional extras.


This highly flexible and effective sprayer can be used in a wide range of crops such citrus, peaches and subtropical trees.


The powerful 530mm diameter GreenTech SARDI/CSIRO fan is widely used in tree and vine crops, where sprawl-type and larger canopies demand maximum air volume. In intensively grown tree crops such as apples and pears, usually 3 fans per side is adequate. In larger trees crops such as citrus and avocadoes – up to 6 fans per side can be used.


Choose Manual Arms or Hydraulic Adjustment


Adjustable Sprayer features, such as hydraulic adjustment of the arms on the run, move the spray heads in the exact position that relates to the tree canopy, shape and size.


PTO tractor - power requirement


A standard 2000L Sprayer is has a very low tractor PTO power requirement - approximately 26-horse power from the PTO with 6 heads.


View our range of Tree Spray Systems below.

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