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Drift Reduction Systems

Drift Reduction Systems

Drift Reduction Recycle Spray System


2000L Semi-Adjustable 2 Row System 

The GreenTech 2000L to 4000L Drift Reduction-Recycling Sprayer 2-Row collects the undeposited spray and recycles back into a nominated tank that can be reused. GreenTech has tested this machine in Adelaide Hills vineyards over two seasons with outstanding results.

  • Results from GreenTech development work at the start of the season show up 90% of spray is used and recycled, where traditionally this would be lost as drift


  • As foliage density increases, recovery rates obviously diminish - but an average of 30% chemical savings across the season can be expected, meaning excellent deposition and less waste


  • Recycles spray, drift reduction, increases deposition and increases efficiency

Testimonial from Paracombe Wines of the GreenTech technology in drift reduction/recycle system.


"Practically eliminates off-target spray. The GreenTech drift reduction/recycle spray system has been successfully used in vineyards in South Australian, Adelaide Hills. One of these vineyards are Paracombe Wines owned and operated by Paul, Kathy and Ben Drogemuller. Paul Drogemuller, Owner and Chief Winemaker Viticulturist his vineyard is very impressed."


Paul has been concerned about environmental pollution which has been under the spotlight in the recent years, problems like off-target loss during spray application of vineyards. Over 10 years Paul Drogemuller has been using GreenTech spray systems and has trialled the new GreenTech drift reduction/recycle spray system for a couple of seasons with outstanding success.


Paul has analysed the distribution of spray in the canopy and the off target dispersion of the many other sprayers, but believes that the GreenTech drift reduction/recycle spray system offers many benefits.


GreenTech, a sprayer manufacturer based in Adelaide developed this concept in cooperation with Paracombe Wines.


The new GreenTech uses a simple wrap-around shield with electrical driven axial fan spray heads, fitted inside a curved hollow shield and can be fitted to existing GreenTech spray machines.


Naturally, significant volume is created at the opening of the shield by axial fan spray heads, thus dragging off-target spray air in when passing through the vine canopy first. As the converging air streams reach through the vine canopy - which acts like a filter - the opposing shields reuses this spray laden air and bring it onto the vine canopy.


Paul says it like having a controlled fog air curtain in a tunnel - what comes out of the spray nozzles is actually used for protecting the vines.


Further, Pauls says that the real benefits are that growers can purchase this technology as retro-fit equipment to their existing GreenTech Sprayer, saving a lot of money on capital expenditure.


As is usually the case with the GreenTech products, Paul says this system is functionally developed and protects the fan spray heads too.


After trials, it is estimated that efficiency has improved with savings of approximately 30% of active chemical ingredients, by the end of the treatments.


Contact GreenTech for more information.

"We have used and trialled this system to reduce drift and to save active chemical ingredients during the spray application and recycling device, confirming its efficiency with savings of about 30% of active chemical ingredients at the end of the treatment."


- Paul Drogemuller, Paracombe Wines, South Australia.

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