Row Crop Spray Systems







Row Crop Spray Systems 

Over some years GreenTech has developed many different row crop spray systems in tank size and width of spraying in one pass operation. They all differ in configuration according to what crop they are used for and the conditions they work in.


GreenTech has developed and produced many different spray systems for row crop such as vegetable peas, beans, lentils, tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel-sprouts, broccoli and lettuce, cucurbit including melon and pumpkins and even strawberries.

Many private vegetable growers has taken part in this development. Many of these growers has many different crop and outstanding quality due to GreenTech’s collaboration and in many cases they have over several 1000 acre of valuable crop.

At present such crops are being planted and growing on very large scale in many different parts of the world in order to feed an increasing population worldwide including Australia.

In general terms row crops are becoming more costly to grow because not all tasks of the production activities have been mechanised. For example, harvesting and handling of the produce. This is particularly the case in Australia. Labour costs are increasing and the trend is that farming such crop is increasing to a more economical scale of planting and thus increase efficiency.

Many type of crops are being planted worldwide in row crop layout where a road is located strategically in the field for driving the equipment along. This is generally called controlled traffic. Each side of the road, row crop is planted parallel to the road. In the case of spraying such row crop, the equipment will extend out to each side and treat the planted crop while traveling along the road in a controlled mode.

Many of these machine have been specific developed for specific customer needs.

Currently GreenTech produces 600L, 1000L and 1200L linkage machine up to 9 fan spray heads.

Tow behind spray systems have been developed from 2000L up to 6000L tank capacity in this unique Row Crop System and up to 24 meter spray span.

Tractor drawn spray systems has been specific produced for large scale melon and vegetable spraying up to Row Crop System and up to 32 meters spray span.

A new model is being developed having special fan spray heads and folding arms.


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GreenTech Systems provide the best solution for controlling pests and diseases.

Testing by SARDI and CSIRO shows our aerodynamic five blade electrical fan technology provides effectively 100% coverage efficiency. 

GreenTech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spray technology solutions for the viticulture industry.

GreenTech's row crop sprayers are suitable for most types of row crops. We cater for all sizes of crop - from small to very wide or very tall.

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